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Learn to drive an Automatic

Now that you have a provisional license, allow AB driving School to provide driving lessons on how to drive an automatic car in Leeds.

Automatic cars are different from manual as there is no clutch pedal to operate. This is great as there is no need to use the left foot at all!

This makes it a very popular choice by learners who find it difficult to get used to the gears and clutch when driving a manual car. It is also a great option for the older or disabled learner drivers.

We always recommend that you take manual Driving Lessons Leeds to begin with, as once you have passed your test in an automatic car you would have to resit another practical later if you would like to drive a manual car.

The benefits of the automatic car is that after you have selected drive with the gear selector the automatic gearbox does the rest of the work for you!

Yet you will need to use the handbrake and brakes a lot more when driving.

We have new Female driving instructor Leeds that teach in automatic cars. Some instructors have adaptations for the disabled pupil, please contact us for more information on availability in your area. Reasons why pupils decide to learn in an automatic:

  • Believe it to be easier
  • Lacks confidence in their ability to drive
  • Wanting to get through the learning process quicker
  • Short legs for the pedals
  • Previous instructor advised to try
  • Struggles with clutch control
  • Struggles with gears
  • Lazy driver
  • Has an automatic sat in the drive
  • Has disabilities

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